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Lionel/Rydin track

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The Lionel / Rydin / MTH standard gauge track library contains track from both Lionel and Rydin Industries. Track from other source, such as MTH, is equivalent to the analogous Lionel and Rydin track. The contents of the RR-Track standard gauge track library are shown in the table and graphic below. Using transition pins, tubular standard gauge track may be joined with GarGraves standard gauge track.

This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation. Items in red are newly added.

The current  v5 release build is 4.60.011. If yours predates this, visit our updates page to download the current release.

  • Components

    straight track

    half, 7”

    long, 28”

    medium, 10.5”

    extra long, 36”

    single, 14”

    cut to length

    curved track

    Std-42 45

    Std-87 22.5

    Std-42 22.5

    Std-96 22.5

    Std-57 30

    Std-108 22.5

    Std-72 22.5

    Std-144 22.5

    Std-84 22.5

    cut stock curve


    Lionel #210 Std-42 L/R

    Rydin Std-84 L/R

    Lionel #223 Std-42 L/R

    Rydin Std-144 L/R

    MTH Std-72 L/R

    special track

    #20 90 cross

    power lock-on track

    #20X 45 cross

    insulated straight 14”

    #25 illuminated bumper

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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