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Page updated: September 22, 2016

RR-Track v5 upgrade Information

 and Description of RR-Track v5.3

  • Description
    RR-Track v5 screen shot

    Screen shot of RR-Track v5 showing a single layout in compact tab interface.  Each tab may be selected to show the layout in design in 2D Plan View, Component View, Terrain View, 3D View, and Simulation View.  All of these are integrated into RR-Track v5.2.

    RR-Track v5.3 is a Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 hosted, graphically based layout application for model railroads.RR-Track is based on track libraries which depict the actual sectional track available from more than 60 manufacturers.  RR-Track prints from all views to any Windows supported printer.

     RR-Track organizes your layout into five views ( Plan View, Component View, Terrain View, 3D View, and Simulation View) which are collected together in a tabular format.  You switch between the different views of your layout design simply by choosing the appropriate tab.  Click on any of the tabs above for a more detailed description of that RR-Track v5.3 feature.

    Layouts may be of any size, with a minimum size of 1ft x 1ft accepted. You may zoom out to view the entire layout, or zoom in up to a factor of 64 on any part of the layout. Several layouts may be open at once so that you can easily go back and forth between layout variations, or copy items between them.

    Track placement: track is placed by selecting the desired track section from the menu, and then placing it on the layout using your mouse or other pointing device. Track sections are joined automatically by RR-Track. Track sections of compatible types (such as GarGraves and Lionel O or Atlas HO and Peco HO) may be joined together if desired, and gauges may be mixed on a given layout (separate loops of course). RR-Track has a relaxation engine which allows it to dynamically adjust the positions and orientations of track sections in order to close loops since many manufactures track systems do not fit together exactly. Adjusting the track fit provides key information on how much stress you are building into your layout, indicating where you may wish to place special cut track sections. Custom cut-to-length and bent-to-radius track sections are included for those track libraries that support it, as well as cut curved sections in libraries such as Lionel O. Any track section may be designated as an overpass section in order to clearly show overpasses on your layout. You may also designate tunnel sections ( and include portals ) to allow 3D-View and Terrain View to generate terrain features that cover those track sections.

    TrackWizard:  track libraries whose manufacturers have flexible track, contain a ‘wizard’  which automates common tasks, like finding the combination of stock, custom curve, and general curve sections that are needed to fill the gap between two sections of track. TrackWizard is summoned when you use the ruler tool to make a measurement between track ends. A single button click then fills the gap with track of your choice. Of course, you also have the option of just placing a piece of flexible track, and manipulating it with the mouse pointer.

    Bench work:  terrain and layout bench units are created in Terrain View. You can specify contours of constant, height, single points, as well as rectangular, triangular, semi-circular and polygonal base sections. Terrain View is closely coupled with 3D View in order to create realistic-looking terrain with minimal user input.

    Components:   RR-Track organizes and displays your layout’s components in Component View.  Here, among other things, you can review the estimated cost of your layout, with prices taken from configuration files that you may edit to reflect your own sources.

    Layers:  layouts may have up to 128 distinct, named, drawing layers with any number of track, accessory, and objects items in a layer. Layers can be working, active, inactive, grayed, or hidden. You may assign default drawing colors for the track in a layer. By making use of multiple drawing layers you can create complex layouts without having the complexity make it difficult to understand your plans. Layers are used to group track, accessories, and objects by visibility, and have nothing really to do with the height of items. Even for a simple layout with one elevation you can use layers to advantage by having a layer for mainline track, yard track, wiring, accessories, and scenery. In this manner you can work on items in one layers, such as wiring, without having to avoid items in another layer, such as the track layers. These layers could be set inactive, which would leave them visible, sort of like wallpaper, but not selectable with the mouse. While working on track arrangements, you could hide the scenery, and so forth. Since you can set the outline and fill colors for a layer, you can use layers to color-code different track loops.

    Train Simulation:  switching to Simulation View lets you test your layout design’s operation.  Here you can assemble consists and run them around your layout to see how your mainlines, sidings, and yards will work with your trains.

    Compatibility:  RR-Track v5.3 is compatible with layout designs created using RR-Track v3.x, or 4.x.

    Support for drawing basic objects such as circles, rectangles, polygons, and lines is included as well as simple buildings, shrubs, embankments, ponds, and boulders in order to depict trackside accessories and obstacles. These objects may be grouped together to form more complex structures, and may be colored and filled individually to suit your taste. All objects are editable; you can resize or re-scale objects at any time. You may designate electrical block breaks, and include straight track with an electrically isolated rail for activating trackside accessories. You may indicated elevations and grades in your layout.

    Further track and accessory libraries may be added as you desire to your basic RR-Track configuration; track and accessory libraries beyond those described further on may be added in the future.

  • Plan View
  • Component View
  • Inventory Manager
  • Terrain View
  • 3D View
  • Simulation View
  • Module Compiler
  • Requirements

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