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Download Turnout Calculator installation file.

Turnout Calculator is a companion application for RR-Track that lets you quickly calculate fitter track sections needed for use in assembly of yard ladders as well as mainline passing configurations using manufacturers stock turnouts.

TurnoutCalculator has preset algorithms for use with three primary turnout configurations encountered in typical layout design: yard ladder root,yard ladder branch, and mainline passing.

Yard ladder root is the turnout that trains used to transit from the mainline ( or yard feeder ) to a yard ladder. If this is a left hand turnout, it is followed by a right hand turnout to create a:

Yard Ladder branch is a turnout that creates a branch, or yard storage track. The yard storage track is generally parallel to the yard feeder track.

Parallel passing configuration is formed by two opposed turnouts. These two turnouts allow a train to transit from one parallel track to another ( in order to pass other trains as an example ). A complete set of turnouts that enables trains to transit from one parallel track to another and then back again requires four opposed turnouts, two left and two right. The pairs of turnouts do not have to be adjacent.

Turnout Calculator will install to your RR-Track v4 source folder and appear on your Programs menu. To install Turnout Calculator, download the installation EXE file and run it.

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