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American Models S track

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American Models is one of the new players in the S-gauge train market, along with American Classics and S-Helper Service. These three have brought out competing track systems designed to replace the classic Flyer track system. American Models S-gauge track has scale-size ties and spacing on scale-size rails, with stock sectional curves offered in three radii ( 21, 24, and 27 inches). RR-Track’s American Models S-gauge library contains all of the track currently offered by American Models

Items in red are newly added. The current v5 release of the RR-Track American Models S track library is 4.60.003. If yours predates this, visit our library updates page to download the current American Classics S library.

  • Components

    straight track



    flextrack 36.0"

    custom cut

    curved track

    R-21 30

    R-24 30

    R-27 30

    cut stock curve

    R-21 15

    R-24 15

    R-27 15

    custom radius


    R-27 15°L/R

    special track

    30 cross

    75 cross

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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