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American S track

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American is one of the new players in the S-gauge train market, along with American Models and S-Helper Service. These three have brought out competing track systems designed to replace the classic Flyer track system. American Classics S-gauge track has scale-size ties and spacing on scale-size rails, with stock sectional curves offered in four radii ( 19, 27, 36, and 45 inches). RR-Track’s American Classics S-gauge library contains all of the track currently offered by American Models

Note: the dimensions and exit angle of the American Classics S-54 turnout is our best guess based on the diagram on the American Classics website. When we receive updated information on this items geometry, we may alter the dimensions.

Items in red are newly added. The current v5 release of the American Classics S track library is 4.60.002.  If yours predates this, visit our library updates page to download the current American Classics S library.

  • Components

    straight track

    2105 2.5in

    2110 10.0in

    2159 60.0in

    custom cut





    curved track

    2238 (R-19) 30

    2254 (R-27) 30

    2272 (R-36) 22.5

    cut stock curve

    2290 (R-45) 22.5


    custom radius


    2351 S-54 20 man left

    2352 S-54 20 man right

    2353 S-54 20 rmt left

    2354 S-54 20 rmt right

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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