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Page updated:December 06, 2018


Track Library Updates

  • O-gauge A-L
  • O-gauge L - R
  • G-gauge
  • HO-gauge
  • N-gauge
  • S-gauge
  • Misc
  • Notes

    Update instructions: click on the download link to get the library update executable. When download is completed, run the executable file (it is a setup program) and follow the directions. Please verify after installation that your build number has changed. These track library updates will work with all releases of RR-Track v4 ( 4.00, 4.01, 4.02).  Some of the updates are also compatible with RR-Track v5, these are indicated.

      Note:  libraries that are compatible with RR-Track v5 are also compatible with RR-Track v4 but the reverse is not true.

    Updates to track and accessory libraries will not correctly install unless you have already purchased that library.  You can check for track and accessory library updates by choosing the appropriate link at the upper left.
    You can check your library build number by pulling down the Help menu and choosing About RR-Track.If you click on the Libraries tab, you can get the current build number and date of any of your track and accesory libraries.

    Note for Windows 2000/XP users
    A number of RR-Track users have reported having problems installing the track and accessory library updates on their PCs. This is a path issue: the folder pointed to by your TEMP environment variable is not located in your path. The update installer uses a temporary DLL file that Windows places in your TEMP folder which it subsequently cannot find when the installer tries to load the updates. If you are having this problem, try the workaround below:
    1. Make sure there is a folder named temp on your system hard drive (usually C:). If there isn’t such a folder, create one ( C:\temp ).
    2. Open the System browser by either right clicking on My Computer and choosing Properties from the menu or by opening the Control Panel and double-clicking on the System icon.
    3. Click on the Advanced tab and then press the Environment Variables button.
    4. Edit the TEMP environment variable so that it has the value C:\temp.
    5. Click OK and then close the System browser.
    6. Reboot your P

RR-Track for Windows is produced by R&S Enterprises

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