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Atlasc.83 HO track is a good choice for the detail-oriented HO scale modeler. Code 83 track has more, thinner, closely spaced ties than the equivalent code 100 track. There are also more realistic turnouts available ( Super #6 and #8), and a wider radius curve (R24) than Atlas c100 HO.  Atlas track is compatible with two-rail track from other manufacturers such as Peco, Pilz, Hornby, and Shinohara. The table and image below show the components in the RR-Track Atlas c.83 HO track library.

This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

Items in red are recently added. The current v5 library release is 4.80.006. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version. 

Atlas c.83 HO

Page updated:April 08, 2017

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