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Kato UniTrack N

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Kato UniTrack N gauge track is probably the most widely used two-rail track with integral ballast for N gauge. It is simlar in design and concept to Kato UniTrack HO gauge. Kato track is compatible with that of other manufactuers such as Atlas , Fleischmann, MiniTRIX, andPeco through use of an adapter section. The table and image below show the components in the RR-Track Kato N track library.

Currently, Kato offers UniTrack in 7 radii, with an 8th radius (R718) used mainly as a parallel curve for the #6 turnout.

The Kato UnitTrack N  library now contains a track wizard which is capable of using the fixed size straight and curved track sections to fill most gaps encountered in layout design.   This wizard is only available for RR-Track v5.1 systems build and above ( Update Pack 4 ). 

Items in red are newly added. The current v5 library release is 4.90.017. If yours is less than this, please go to our updates page to download a new copy.

  • Components

    straight track








    78-108mm adj.


    curved track

    R216 45 & 15

    R282 45

    R348 30

    R481 15

    R249 45 & 15

    R315 15

    R348 45

    R718 15

    R282 15

    R315 45

    R381 30


    #4 L/R

    #6 L/R

    double X-over

    #4 Wye

    special track

    cross 15 L/R

    bumper A

    straight pwr track

    road x-ing track

    cross 90

    bumper B

    uncoupling track

    single x-ing gate

    auto signal track

    bumper C

    Kato - other adapter track

    double x-ing gate




    truss bridge

    double track 186mm

    plate girder bridge

    double track 248mm

    double truss bridge

    double curved R381/R414 45

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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