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AristoCraft EUR G track

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The Aristocraft EUR track library contains track elements manufactured by Aristocraft Trains to European narrow gauge scale. Most, but not all of the items in the Aristocraft track library have analogous items in the LGB track library.

RR-Track also has an AristoCraft USA style track library. This library contains track components manufactured to USA standard gauge scale.

The table below shows the components in the RR-Track Aristocraft G-gauge track library. This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

Items in red are newly added. The current  v5 library release is 4.60.016. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight track






    cut to length

    curved track

    11100 4ft

    11700 9ft

    11803 14ft

    11101 4ft

    11800 10ft

    11804 15ft

    11500 5ft

    11801 11.5ft

    11805 16.5ft

    11550 6.5ft

    11802 12.5ft

    11820 20ft

    11600 8ft



    cut stock curve

    custom radius curve



    11210 / 11200 manual

    11215/11205 remote

    11235 / 11225 wide radius

    special track

    11300 30 cross



  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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