Page updated:October 08, 2013

MicroEngineering/Sunset Valley G

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The MicroEngineering track library contains track elements manufactured by MicroEngineering, referred to as G-Trak. Track components in the MicroEngineering library do not have identical analogs in either the LGB or the Aristocraft track libraries. The table below shows the components in the RR-Track MicroEngineering G-gauge track library.

This library also contains some components from Sunset Valley RR, referred to as SVRR.

The current v5 library release build is 4.60.007. If yours is earlier than this, visit our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    MicroEngineering G

    straight track






    custom cut-to-length

    curved track

    R-24 30

    R-48 22.5

    R-80 4.5

    R-24 15

    R-48 7.5

    R-120 3

    R-24 10

    R-80 18

    custom radius


    R-48 #3.7

    R-80 #4.7

    R-120 #5.8

    Sunset Valley G

    straight track

    rigid 6ft

    flex track

    cut to length


    #3 19 L/R

    #4 14 L/R

    #6 9.5 L/R

    #8 7 L/R

    #10 5.7 L/R

    #6 9.5 3-way

  • 2D Sample

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