Page updated:October 08, 2013

Marklin MAXI G track

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The Märklin MAXI track library contains number one gauge track elements manufactured by Märklin for their large, number one gauge trains. MAXI track has similar dimensions to many of the LGB G-gauge components. You can further enhance your G-gauge layout by decorating it with beautiful accessories from Pola and Piko. The table below shows the components in the RR-Track Märklin MAXI G-gauge track library. You can get more information on Märklin MAXI track by visiting the Märklin website.

This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

Items in red are newly added. The current v5 library release build is 4.60.007. If yours is less than this, please visit our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight track

    5916 59.5mm

    5903 300mm

    59033 cut to length

    5904 80.4mm

    59033 900mm

    5917 150mm

    curved track
    () denotes sections / circle

    5922 R-600 (12)

    5935 R-1020(16)

    cut stock curve

    5923 R-760(12)

    5936 R-1176(16)


    5965/66 R-600 30° L/R

    5976/77 R-1020 22.5° L/R

    special track

    5994 uncoupler

    5905I insulated straight

    5602 bumper

  • 2D Sample

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