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Lionel’s new FasTrack track system for O-gauge trains represents the first new development in Lionel trackage since the introduction, and subsequent demise, of Super-O track in 1957. FasTrack is the most realistic appearing O-gauge track system in Lionel’s history with the blackened center rail, smaller and more numerous ties, and the integrated roadbed.  As with their Super-O track, the minimum radius has been increased from the O31/O30 of tubular track to O36. This change, taken together with the almost impossibility of cutting fitter pieces due to the integrated roadbed, means layout designers face a new world with new design parameters when trying to adapt existing and future layout designs to the FasTrack system. 

Enter the Lionel FasTrack Example layouts from R & S Enterprises These consist of 51 example layouts using Lionel FasTrack and Lionel Modern era accessories. Layout sizes range from 4 x 8 feet ( a standard sheet of plywood) up to 24 x 15 feet (a good size room). The example layouts use primarily O36 curves as their basis, with some layouts using O48 curves on the mainline, and others using O60 and O72 mainline curves. The latter are generally the larger layouts. All of the layout designs are complete with scenery and structures, and are divided into small, midsize, and large layouts. There are also example layouts of single and double reverse loops, wyes, and O36 and O72 crossovers.

You can purchase the Lionel FasTrack Example Layouts from R & S Enterprises for $19. They come on a CD complete with an explanatory help file and an installer designed to interface with RR-Track v4.02. A copy of RR-Viewerv4.1 is included on the CD with viewer libraries that display all of the FasTrack O examples (these libraries are not compatible with RR-Track v4.x). RR-Viewer v4.1 allows the user to display in both 2D and 3D any of these layouts, study their component list, and print them (changing them with RR-VIewer is not supported). If already own a copy of RR-Track with the Lionel FasTrack O and Lionel Modern accessories libraries, you can then use RR-Track to modify these layout designs as needed. If you don’t own a copy of RR-Track v4 and wish to use these FasTrack layouts as a basis for your own design, order the RR-Track FasTrack special for $69

We also offer a second set of FasTrack examples featuring larger layouts, for those who want to explore the limits of the FasTrack system.

O36 Layouts, Small



Elmira & Binghamton Shortline

4 x 8 feet, nested oval/figure 8, 45 track sections and 15 accessories. Town area as well as countryside.

Jersey Central Industrial

4 x 8 feet, figure 8 with reverse and three spurs, 46 track sections and 26 accessories. Lots of action accessories in a small space.

Olney Loop

4 x 8 feet, nested oval with crossovers, two train operation if desired, 52 track sections and 18 accessories.

Pompton Plains Suburban Loop

4 x 8 O36 two sided layout with divider between city and industry. Loop with spurs, 55 track sections and 32 accessories.

Chattanooga Shortline

5.5 x 5 feet, interwoven dual loops, 34 track sections and 29 accessories. For the operator with serious space constraints or a basis for a small Christmas display.

Coal Creek Mining

7 x 7 feet, folded loop. L-shaped layout with spurs and passing siding. 47 track sections and 17 accessories.

Utah & Colorado Western

5.5 x 10 feet, nested loop and figure 8 with two reverses. 62 track sections and 23 accessories.

Allegheny Central

6 x 9 feet, nested dual loop with crossovers, passing siding, and spurs. 98 track sections and 39 accessories.

Knoxville & Asheville Connecting

6 x 9 feet. Interwoven loops with spurs. 62 track sections and 27 accessories.

Nashville & Knoxville Central

6 x 9 feet. A more sinuous curvy variation on the previous layouts. 68 track sections and 28 accessories.

Missouri, Kansas, and Quincy RR

10 x 6 feet L-shaped. Folded loop with spurs. 58 track sections and 39 accessories.

Turtle Creek Loop

10 x 6 feet rectangular. Loop with passing siding, spur track, and yards. 96 track sections and 33 accessory items.

O36 Layouts, Midsize



Lexington & Burlington

7 x 10 feet. Nested loops with crossovers and dual reverses. Good action in a small space. 94 track sections and 35 accessories.

Home Depot Door RR

7 x 13 feet, three interior doors for base. C-shaped folded dogbone with spurs. Decent over and under track path with long bridge. 77 track sections and 33 accessories.

Connecticut Central RR

8 x 11 feet L-shaped. Nested reversing figure 8 and outside loop, spur sidings. 98 track sections and 54 accessory items.

Cassville, Tomahawk & Tomah RR

8 x 12 feet L-shaped. Featured in Classic Toy Trains, redone with FasTrack. Loop with cutoff siding and spurs, central divider and tunnel to isolate scenes. 80 track sections and 41 accessory items.

Cassville, Tomahawk & Tomah RR redux

8 x 12 feet L-shaped. Variation on the first layout utilizing more of the angles inherent in O36 FasTrack. Central divider and tunnels on both ends. 88 track sections and 44 accessory items.

Duluth, Detroit & Lansing RR

9 x 12 feet C-shaped. Double reversing dogbone with passing siding and spur tracks. Lots of short train action in a reasonable space. 131 track sections and 39 accessory items.

Cincinnati Western

9 x 12 feet trapezoidal. Loop with interior cutoffs and spurs. Divider in middle to isolate left/right scenes. Possible to do independent switching while running continuous on one side. 150 track sections and 49 accessories.

Granite Valley RR

9 x 12 feet rectangular. Two levels, nested loops with spurs on lower level, single upper level loop. 179 track sections and 49 accessories.

Michigan Central RR

9 x 12 feet. Nested loops with criss-cross and yard. Passing siding and spur tracks. 137 track sections and 51 accessory items.

Pacific Coast RR

9 x 12 around the room layout. Nested loops with crossovers, reversing loop, spur sidings. 156 track sections and 62 accessory items.

O36 Layouts, Large



York Haven Central

12 x 12 feet C-shaped. Reversing dogbone with passing sidings and spurs. Urban and rural areas. 136 track sections and 64 accessory items.

Chesapeake & Greenbrier

16 x 12 feet L-shaped. Nested loops with multiple crossovers. Spurs and small yard. 132 track sections and 68 accessory items.

Southern Illinois Loop

16 x 12 feet oblong. Multiple nested loops with crossovers, spurs, passing siding, and turntable with servicing area. 229 track sections and 89 accessory items.

Naugatuck Valley Lines

19 x 8 feet rectangular. Nested loops with multiple reverses and yard area with city. 132 track sections and 70 accessory items.

Kittatinny Northern

20 x 15 feet C-shaped. Multiple reversing dogbone with large yard area with service facilities. Spurs, town, station, circus area. 209 track sections and 103 accessory items.

Detroit Industrial

24 x 15 feet L-shaped point-to-point switching layout. Good for a living room. Yard, turntable, lots of spur sidings. 175 track sections and 41 accessories.

O48 Layouts



Table Top Valley

5 x 9 ft, nested figure 8 and oval with O36 crossovers. 58 track sections and 28 accessories.

Chicago Connecting

9 x 12 feet around the room layout. Nested loops with reversal. This is a country cousin to the Pacific Coast RR layout which featured O36 curves. Here we have O48 curves on the outer loop with O36 everywhere else. 172 track sections and 55 accessories.

Port Huron Crossing

9 x 12 feet oblong. Spur tracks with criss-cross reversal. 123 track sections and 27 accessories.

Wichita & Wyomissing

9 x 12 foot outer loop with yard and elevated reverse loop. 114 track sections and 33 accessories.

O60 Layouts, Small



Mississippi Delta Lines

10 x 6 rectangular, O60 outer, O36 inner loops. O36 crossover and spur track. 68 track sections and 37 accessories

Baker Valley Shortline

10 x 6 rectangular. O60 outer loop, O36 spurs. O60 servicing area and spur. 69 track sections and 42 accessories.

O60 Layouts, Midsize

Waukesha Valley RR

13 x 6 circular plan. O60 outer loop and passing siding, O36 reverse and yard. Town and industrial area. 102 track sections and 46 accessories.

Wisconsin Central RR

13 x 6 rectangular. Variation on the previous layout. O60 outer loop and passing siding, O36 reverse and yard with turntable. Large town, railroad servicing area. 119 track sections and 55 accessories.

O60 Layouts, Large

Platte Valley RR

17 x 11 L-shaped. Dogbone with passing siding, yard and turntable. Town and industrial area with station. 145 track sections with 92 accessory items.

O72 Layouts, Midsize



Columbus & Savannah

9 x 12 circular Single outer loop, passing siding, yard and turntable. 127 track sections and 30 accessories.

Indian Creek RR

9 x 12 octagonal with reverse and spurs, yard tracks. 120 track sections and 19 accessory items.

O72 Layouts, Large

Basement Central RR

15 x 8 feet rectangular. Nested loops, O72 outer and O60 inner with crossovers. Spurs and yards all with O72 turnouts. 174 track sections and 48 accessory items.

Wisconsin & Southern

19 x 8 feet rectangular. Nested O72 and O36 loops with multiple reverses and spurs. City, industrial, station, suburban and carnival areas. 152 track sections and 103 accessory items.

Richmond, Petersburg & Raleigh

24 x 11 feet C-shaped. Nested loop and dogbone cutoff with reverse. Large O36 yards. Urban and suburban areas, large RR station. 235 track sections and 98 accessories.

Washington, Richmond & Danville

24 x 11 feet C-shaped. Nested loop and dogbone with reverse. Variation on the above layout with more scenery, less accessories, turntable and smaller yard. 231 track sections and 61 accessory items.

Alabama Great Southern RR

24 x 15 feet C-shaped. Reversing dogbone with city and large yard area with servicing facilities. Industrial sidings. 231 track sections and 87 accessory items.

Alabama Great Southern RR

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