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For those who want more than the first set of FasTrack example layouts, we present another 24 layout designs using the FasTrack system.

These are typically larger, more complex layouts, ranging in size from 12 x 10 ft up to 50 x 24 ft with multiple track loops.  As with the first set of FasTrack examples, all these layouts using Lionel Modern era accessories.  These layouts feature O72 curve minimum radius unless otherwise stated.

You can purchase the Lionel FasTrack Example Layouts from R & S Enterprises for $19. They come on a CD complete with an explanatory help file and an installer designed to interface with RR-Track v4.02. A copy of RR-Viewerv4.1 is included on the CD with viewer libraries that display all of the FasTrack O examples (these libraries are not compatible with RR-Track v4.x). RR-Viewer v4.1 allows the user to display in both 2D and 3D any of these layouts, study their component list, and print them (changing them with RR-VIewer is not supported). If already own a copy of RR-Track with the Lionel FasTrack O and Lionel Modern accessories libraries, you can then use RR-Track to modify these layout designs as needed.

FasTrack Layouts, Second Edition




Cozy Confines

12 x 10 feet.  Dual loop with town, spurs, crossover; O60 curves.  153 track sections and 44 accessories.


Indiany & Aurora RR

15 x 12 feet.  Small around-the-room layout with dual mainlines and crossovers with yard; O60 curves.  206 track sections and 41 accessories.

Thrice Around the Room

16 x 12 feet, O48 / O60 curves.  The FasTrack version of this great design.  241 track sections and 60 accessories.

Classic Operator

16 x 12 feet.   Nested dual loops with lots of action. O36 curves.  290 track sections and 77 accessory items.


Anonymouse & Northern

16 x 12 feet.  Around the room dual loop with elevated yard. O60 curves.  233 track sections and 40 accessories.


Leap of Faith RR

18 x 18 feet.  Single main loop with point-to-point operation and reverse loop.  Hidden storage area; turntable with service tracks..  235 track sections and 42 accessories.


WV Central RR

20 x 20 feet, nested folded dogbone, independent train operation. 293 track sections and 63 accessories.


Maximum Play RR

22 x 5 feet, O36 / O48 curves.  Triple independent loop, upper and lower.   214 track sections and 28 accessories.

Downtown & Around

22 x 14 feet, folded dogbone with turntable/service area, 7 spurs, upper level trolley line, industries. 320 track sections and 75 accessories.

Undulating U RR

22 x 20 feet.  C-shaped folded dogbone, over/under action.    Classification yards, passing sidings; industrial/city areas. 357 track sections and 85 accessories


Upper & Lower RR

24 x 12 feet.  Folded dogbone plus dual main continuous loop; O60 curves.  C-shaped layout with multiple spur tracks. 307 track sections and 38 accessories.

Point to Point Operator

24 x 24 feet, Point-to-point single main with reverse loops.  Single peninsula; turntable with service area; storage tracks.   325 track sections and 83 accessories.

New Mexico Western RR

24 x 24 feet.   Nested double folded dogbone with extensive classification yard.  472 track sections and 72 accessory items.

FasTrack Layouts, Second Edition




Allegheny Eastern RR

.25 x 21 feet.  Around the room style with center access, separate carnival area.  Two main loops with passing tracks, turntable and service area. 401 track sections and 91 accessories.

Langhorne & Penzy

25 x 25 feet.  Double folded loop with independent, connected inner loop.  Around the room style with center peninsula. 425 track sections and 91 accessories.. 


Around & Back RR

30 x 24 feet.  Point-to-point S-shaped layout.  Large storage yard, folded loop for continuous operation. 458 track sections and 133 accessories.

Middle Creek & Parma

34.5 x 15 feet.  Two main loop dogbone with center divider, yards, upper level service area.  327 track sections and 96 accessories.

Cincinnati, Lebanon, & Northern RR

36.5 x 30 feet.  Point-to-point layout with dual reversing loops.  Single peninsula with spurs and industries.  Classification yard and city.  467 track sections and 97 accessories.


Ogallalah Trunk Line

25 x 5 feet.  Wall style.  Single main loop with multiple reverses.  Turntable and service area.  O36 curves.  145 track sections and 57 accessories.


SW & Utah RR

26 x 14 feet, C-shaped folded dogbone  with dual tracks on much of the line.  Runners layout; O60 curves minimum.  247 track sections and 26 accessories.


Cincinnati & Eastern

40 x 12 feet, Dual loops, inner has O36 curves.  Upper level city with trolley line; classification yard.  288 track sections and 128 accessories


LE & W

40 x 12 feet.  Operators dream.  Dual loops with passing sidings, large industrial area with action accessories; center cut-out.   O72 mains with O60 industrial.  415 track sections and 101 accessories.

UP Rochelle RR

40 x 24 feet.  Large around the room layout with two peninsulas and hidden staging tracks.  Single main line with long passing sidings, yards.  505 track sections and 121 accessories. 

Mohawk Valley RR

50 x 24 feet.  Point-to-point design with reversing loops at both ends.  Four interleaved peninsulas with turntable/service area.  Lots of areas for operation.  583 track sections and 184 accessories.

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