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Atlas 2-rail O track

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Atlas has followed up their success in the three-rail O-gauge market by offering essentially the same track for two-rail O-gaugers. As is the case for their three-rail track, the two-rail track features solid rails and rail joiners.

Currently, Atlas O offers 4 radii (R36, R40.5, R45, R49.5, and R-54) as well as two-rail versions of their #5 and #7.5 turnouts.

If you are having trouble figuring out which combinations of Atlas O straight track fill given gaps, check our Atlas O straight track table.

This library has a track wizard for track laying automation (red denotes new items added).

The current  v5 library release is 4.60.003. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight track

    1.75 inch

    4.5 inch

    10.0 inch

    custom cut

    40.0 inch

    curved track

    R-36 22.5

    R-40.5 22.5

    R-45 22.5

    R-54 22.5

    R-36 11.25

    R-40.5 7.5

    R-49.5 22.5

    cut curve

    custom radius



    #5 L/R

    #7.5 L/R

    R36 Wye

    special track

    7080 90 cross

    7920 single truss bridge

    6910 turntable

    6904 roundhouse

    7081 45 cross

    7921 double truss bridge

    6918 plate bridge

    7923 girder bridge

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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