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Lionel Super O track

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The Lionel Super-O track library contains all of the Super-O track components manufactured by Lionel in the late 1950s.

Super-O track was introduced by Lionel in 1957 in an attempt to give the layout designer a choice of more realistic looking track than the tinplate O and O27 track. Super-O track is distinguished by T-profile outside rails, similar to GarGraves Trackage rail in appearance, and a thin bronze center rail, numerous small brown plastic ties with reinforcing metal ties to both electrically tie together the outside rails and maintain magnetic continuity for MagneTraction equipped locomotives. Super-O track never really caught and went out of production in 1966. It can be found today at train meets and hobby shops that carry vintage trains. You can read more about the history of Super-O track on the Toy Train Revue website.

Super-O track may be considered a predecessor to the new FasTrack recently inroduced by Lionel.

We are pleased to add the re-manufactured Super-O curves from Ed Welz to the RR-Track Super-O track library. 

The current v5 Super-O library version is 4.60.0210. If yours is earlier than this, check our updates page to download the latest version. This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

  • Components

    straight track

    #32 single

    #34 half

    #32 cut-to-length


    curved track

    #31 O-36

    #33 O-36

    #49 O-36

    #31 cut stock curve


    #112 O-36 L/R

    #142 O-36 L/R



    special track

    #120 90 cross

    #130 60 cross

    #37 uncoupling track

    #48 insulated track

    #38 accessory adapter track

    #36 operating car track

    power lockon track

    #260 track bumper

    Welz curves

    O-42 full/half

    O-72 full

    O-102 full/half

    O-132 full

    O-48 full

    O-78 full/half

    O-108 full

    O-138 full/half

    O-54 full/half

    O-84 full

    O-114 full/half

    O-144 full

    O-60 full

    O-90 full/half

    O-120 full


    O-66 full/half

    O-96 full

    O-126 full/half


  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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