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Lionel O tinplate track

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Lionel tinplate track in regular O profile is probably the most popular track used on O-gauge layouts. The regular O series track has been in production in one form or another since ~1915. Track components in this style have been produced by a number of manufacturers, withe Lionel and K-Line the current most common. Tinplate track and components such as switches have the advantage that they are ready to go out of the box; very little or no additional assembly or wiring is required to assemble a layout.

The Lionel / K-Line track library contains all of the Lionel-type tinplate track. This includes manufacturers such as Lionel, K-Line, and Hirth Hobbies. We have also included the five components of T-Rail track from the 1930’s in this library for the collector and modeller in T-Rail.

The current v5 build number for the Lionel/K-Line O library is 4.50.040. If yours is earlier than this, go to our updates page to download and install the current version.

This track library contains a wizard for track laying automation.

  • Components

    straight track

    half: 5.5 in

    single: 10.0 in

    long: 40.0 in

    K-Line single: 14.4 in

    K-Line long: 36 in

    custom cut

    curved track

    O-31 45

    O-42 30

    O-54 22.5

    O-72 22.5

    O-31 22.5

    O-54 11.25

    O-31 prewar 45

    cut stock curve


    O-31 L/R 45

    O-72 L/R 22.5

    Lionel new O-31 L/R 31

    O-31 prewar L/R 45

    Hirth Hobbies L/R

    special track

    45 cross

    90 cross

    prewar 45 cross

    prewar 90 cross

    remote uncoupling track

    insulated straight track

    std track bumper

    #260 track bumper

    T-Rail track

    772 15 in straight

    771 O72 curve

    731L/R O72 turnouts

    730 90 cross

    cut straight

    cut curve

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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