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MTH RealTrax O track

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MTH Electric trains  offers sectional three-rail O-gauge track for the O-gauge layout designer. MTH track features solid rails with a 'phantom' center rail, and snap together assembly and disassembly. MTH integrates a detailed plastic roadbed with all RealTrax® components.

Currently, MTH offers five radii (O-31, O-42, O-54, O-72, and O-82) which are interchangeable with the equivalent Lionel O components. MTH offers a transition track section which allows you to join MTH RealTrax with other 3-rail O-gauge track such as Lionel and GarGraves. If you are having trouble figuring out which combinations of straight track sections to use for filling gaps, check out our MTH RealTrax track table.

The RealTrax  library now contains a track wizard which is capable of using the fixed size straight and curved track sections to fill most gaps encountered in layout design.   This wizard is only available for RR-Track v5.1 systems build and above ( Update Pack 4 ). 

For those requiring a track system for hirail style layouts, MTH offers its ScaleTrax line.

 Items in red are newly added. The current v5 release of the MTH RealTrax library is 4.90.042. If yours is earlier than this, visit our updates page to download the latest RealTrax library.

  • Components

    straight track

    40-1018 3.5 inch

    40-1017 4.25 inch

    40-1016 5.0 inch

    40-1012 5.5 inch

    40-1001 10.0 inch

    40-1019 30.0 inch

    curved track

    40-1002 O-31 45

    40-1042 O-42 30

    40-1054 O-54 30

    40-1010 O-72 22.5

    40-1022 O-31 22.5

    40-1045 O-42 15

    40-1057 O-54 15

    40-1082 O-82 22.5


    40-1004/5 O31 45 L/R

    40-1055/6 30 O54 L/R

    40-1068 O72 Y

    40-1043/44 O42 30 L/R

    40-1020/1 22.5 O72 L/R

    special track

    40-1008 uncoupler

    40-1011 adapter

    40-1006 90 cross

    40-1007 45 cross

    40-1029 insulated

    40-1024 bumper

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

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