Page updated:October 08, 2013

Atlas Industrial Rail O

Atlas has entered the integrated roadbed, snap-track market with their Industrial Rail line of 3-rail, O-gauge track. Industrial Rail track has a prototypical T-shaped rail, realistic plastic roadbed, snap-lock connections, and is fully compatible with Atlas 21st Century O 3-rail track.

Note:  this library is only compatible with RR-Track v5.1 and above.  The current  v5 library release is 5.10.002. If yours is older, please go to our updates page to download the latest version.

  • Components

    straight track

    1.75 inch

    4.5 inch

    5.5 inch

    10.0 inch

    curved track

    O36 30

    O36 7.5


    O36 30 L/R

    special track

    90 cross

    10.0 in uncoupler

    10.0 in transition

    10.0 in terminal

  • 2D layout
  • 3D layout

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