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Classic Toy Trains held a layout design contest for 16 x 12 O-gauge layouts in November, 2000. These are the four winners (check our Thrice Around the Room page to see the real winner).

The Belt Line Railway:Lionel regular O track, 112 track sections, postwar and modern era accessories. [EXE file, RR-Track v4, Lionel O track, postwar and modern accessories]
onClick = "pageTracker._trackEvent('Examples', 'O-gauge', 'CTT contest BLRR');"Download layout

An S-gauge Experience:AF S-gauge track, 197 track sections, 40 Plasticville and Gilbert accessories. [EXE file, RR-Track v4, AFS track, Gilbert and Plasticville accessories]
Download layout

The Newark, Hoboken, & Jersey City:GarGraves and RCS track, 149 track sections, 28 Lionel postwar and modern era accessories. [EXE file, RR-Track v4, Ross Custom Switches track and Lionel Postwar and Modern accessories]
Download layout

The Strategic Surfline:Lionel Regular O track, 132 track sections. [EXE file, RR-Track v4, Lionel O track]
Download layout

Download all four winners. [EXE file, RR-Track v4]

Download instructions: all of the layouts on this page download as self installing executables. Download the individual files, and then run the executable. The installer will find your RR-Track v4 installation and copy the layout to a folder entitled 'examples' below your RR-Track v4 home folder. You must have a copy of RR-Track v4 in order to use the layouts.

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