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The mother of all freight yards. This laterally compressed take on the NYC's Selkirk, NY yard is still 238ft in length and 37ft in width (this is 2.2 scale miles by 0.34 scale miles). This re-creation uses GarGraves track and GarGraves O42 turnouts for most of the switches in the yard ladders; Ross Custom Switches Wyes are employed as feeders in the classification units. In all there are 2793 track sections, 426 turnouts of all types, an estimated 1750 sections of GarGraves straight track along with a number of full size and sectional curves. We conservatively estimate that the total capacity of all of the yard components, assuming standard O-gauge freight cars with length 12 inches, is 4000 units. Estimated track cost is $18,000. While we do not believe someone will actually construct a detailed O-scale model of this yard, the individual yard units are both interesting and instructive in designing your own classification yards.

Selkirk Yard, full layout: 2793 track sections Uses GarGraves O library and Ross Custom Switches O library.(approximated 1.6Mb disk space when installed)
Download layout

Downloadinstructions: all of the layouts on this page download as self installing executables. Download the individual files, and then run the executable. The installer will find your RR-Track v4 installation and copy the layout to a folder entitled 'examples' below your RR-Track v4 home folder. You must have a copy of RR-Track v4 in order to use the layouts.

Single classification unit :67 track sections(~$600). Uses GarGraves O track library and the Ross Custom Switches O(approximated 43kb disk space when installed)
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NYC Selkirk 70 track classification yard: 859 track sections (~$5900), capacity of about 1600 standard O-gauge freight cars.. Uses GarGraves O track library and the Ross Custom Switches O(approximated 513kb disk space when installed)
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You can get all four of the Selkirk layouts by clicking here.

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