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Christmas Layout Picture 1: Reading freightmeanders along the upper level loop around Z-ville while on its way to Christmastown. Fast Lehigh Valley reefer freight circles Z-ville. Trains by MTH and Lionel. Most of the background structures in the Christmastown. are inexpensive ceramic buildings that are widely available this time of year. We find these buildings to be very useful on O-gauge layouts since they are both the right size and right price, as well as easily illuminated.

Christmas Layout Picture 2&3

Southern RR old time passenger consist pulls into lower station. This shows a good mix of the support structures we use as well as a mix of wooden buildings and various types of trees. We have a series of wooden support units that we fabricated over the years which are used to support the Xmas tree as well as the upper level track. The support structure has a height of 8 inches so that we can user standard gauge tinplate trains on the lower level, as well as the O-gauge used on this layout.

Another view of right-hand side of the layout showing the tinplate buildings and accessories as well as some of the inexpensive ceramic buildings that serve as most of the background structures. The upper level track uses an MTH elevated trestle set boosted by 2-1/8 inches with styrofoam blocks wrapped to look like Xmas gifts.

If you are interested in the path we took to get to this layout design, visit our Christmas 2003 Layout Design page.

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