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RR-Track v5.x Layouts

BigSteam FSTO 3D

Big Steam aka Twice Around the Room.  A nice, mid-size ( 12x8 ), O-gauge layout featured in CTT November, 2014.  We present three different iterations using FasTrack, GarGraves, and Ross Custom Switches track.  As an added bonus, we also present two variations using S-gauge track from GarGraves Trackage.

RR-Track v4.x Layouts

You must have a copy of RR-Track v4 and the listed libraries to accurately view and modify these layouts

NYC Selkirk Yards:this is a somewhat compressed take on the NYC Selkirk yard using GarGraves track. Even with selective compression it still takes about 2700 track sections.

Classic Toy Trainscontest winners(11/2000). Four layouts that won prizes in the CTT layout design constest. We present them as shown in CTT.

Thrice Around the Room:the layout that should have won the CTT contest instead of those below, but didn't for reasons known only to CTT. We present several variations on this layout with different track systems and different minimum curvatures.

Our 2000 Christmas Layout

(O-gauge and standard gauge, 16' x 7', three levels [std gauge on the floor, Curtis O-gauge at 8 inches elevationi, MTH RealTrax O gauge at 16 inches elevation], 102 track sections, 29 accessories, and many objects. Note that the actual layout has a large number of additional objects and accessories (such as lights) that are not depicted on the track plan). Many of the details of the upper level reversing loop supports and village buildings and lights inside the reversing loops are not shown since we place these for visual effect.

Click on these images to see more views of our Xmas 2000 layout.

Download layout
(ZIP file, 15kb ~15 sec: this will require RR-Track v4.0 and the standard gauge, Curtis HiRail O-gauge, Lionel prewar, MTH RailKing, and Lionel Modern accessories libraries for proper viewing)

Our 2003 Christmas Layout

You have to have trains around a Christmas tree. (O-gauge, 10’ x 6’, two levels). 58 track sections, 16+ accessories. Note that the actual layout has a large number of additional scenery items and accessories such as lights and utility poles that are not shown on the layout design. These are typically place for fill-in purposes after construction and testing of the track system. 

Click on these images to see more views of our Christmas 2003 layout.

Our 2009 Christmas Layout

Download layout
 EXE file, 157kb: this will require RR-Track v4.0 and the MTH RealTrax, MTH RailKing accessories, and Lionel Prewar accessories libraries for proper viewing)

O-gauge and standard gauge, 12’ x 10’ L-shaped, two levels ( std gauge tubular track on the floor and Ross/Gargraves track on the upper level).  44 track sections, too many buildings to list.  The as-built layout has a large number of lights, trees, cars, etc.  that are not shown on the layout design.

Click on this image to see more about our Christmas 2009 layout.


For owners of previous versions of RR-Track we have layouts that do not include the advanced features of v4 and can be viewed by either version of RR-Track. These layouts are in both O and S-gauge.

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